Secure Access Service Edge Hype: The Looming Deluge

By Paula Musich, Research Director - Security and Risk Management, EMA

The convergence of networking and security, intended to better meet the performance and security needs of the digitally transformed enterprise, is still a fairly young market opportunity, marked by at most a couple dozen secure access service edge (SASE) providers. Make no mistake, though: a growing number of marketers on either side of the networking/security divide are preparing to jump on the bandwagon, whether their organization’s technology is ready or not to meet the requirements driving interest in SASE.

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Revolutionizing Network Management with AIOps

Tuesday, April 27 @ 9 am Pacific | 12 pm Eastern

AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) combines machine learning, analytics, and big data to help IT organizations to optimize and automate infrastructure management.

This research webinar offers critical insights from new EMA research that investigated how early adopters of AIOps solutions for network management are extracting value from this emerging technology.

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Five Key Identity Governance Features That Your Identity and Access Management Solution Does NOT Support

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, identity management has taken center stage as the key enterprise security practice for enabling remote workforces while protecting company data and IT services. It is often overlooked, however, that identity governance and administration (IGA) is experiencing its own renaissance not only due to pandemic-related access requirements, but also in support of recently-enacted compliance regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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On the Road to Good Cloud Security: Are We There Yet?

EMA research, "Securing Cloud Assets: How IT Security Pros Grade Their Own Progress," found that among 14 different threats to cloud-based assets, the riskiest perceived threat was data loss or exposure due to misconfigured cloud infrastructure, according to 16% of respondents. Of course, the second-most risky threat to cloud-based assets was data exfiltration by malicious outsiders, at 14%.

It should be no surprise that this risk is a top concern for IT security practitioners.

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Protecting the Modern Enterprise with Identity Governance

What’s the recipe for successful identity governance? It's a broad mix of IT visibility, frequent audits, and the ability to take quick, decisive action when risks or violations are detected. Although the key ingredients might be clear, putting them all together in a lightweight, streamlined governance approach may be less obvious.

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