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Information Security and the Pandemic: The Role of Security During and After the Pandemic Crisis

By Chris Steffen, Research Director, Security and Risk Management

The coronavirus pandemic has put enterprises into uncharted waters, and companies are doing everything possible to protect their employees while maintaining their business. In many cases, this has led to a massive surge of employees working from home and connecting back to corporate environments. While companies have prioritized the remote connectivity necessary for working from home, security and compliance considerations and obligations did not simply go away.

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Customer Identity and Access Management


Advancing Consumer Engagements by Improving Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Tuesday, September 15
9 am Pacific | 12 pm Eastern

Login and authentication experience can inevitably impact the consumer’s first impression of a company, influencing brand perceptions and loyalty. At the same time, businesses have an obligation to protect customer data and verify that the information is appropriately protected to meet stringent requirements for security and compliance.

Join EMA Research, IBM Security, and Akamai for an informative look at the evolving challenges, requirements, and solutions for enabling CIAM.

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The Emergence of the Unified Analytics Warehouse


The Emergence of the Unified Analytics Warehouse | Data Lakes and Data Warehouses Merge

The race for a unified analytics warehouse is on. Pressured by customer demands to run analytics across both the data lake and the data warehouse, vendors on both sides began working toward a more complete integration of a warehouse and lake.

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Selecting a Network Performance Management Platform for Your Digital Future

This white paper is an excellent guide for evaluating the organization’s needs for network performance management. Every enterprise will have its own unique requirements, but EMA believes everyone can benefit from a network performance management tool with deep visibility into traffic, not just insight into the state of individual network components.

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Streamlining IT Operations: Bridging the Gap Between IT Effectiveness and Cost-Efficiencies

Tuesday, August 25
11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern

Join EMA Research and Kaseya for a live webinar and get actionable guidance on the most effective approaches to identify and reconcile cost inefficiencies, as well as how to achieve the most value out of existing IT investments.

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